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Business in Japan?  we can help you


We are CPA and other professionals in Japan. We offer you Smart Stylish Strong style for your business in accordance with Japanese tax law and accounting principals. Moreover we provide you consulting service( business structure, analysis,planning,etc..)and reporting documents for the head office.

Japan is still the one of the most attractive market in Asia even it's on the way of rehabilitation of Tohoku Earthquake.

Here is a great oppurtunity for investing in Japan that I should not miss.

We also have a good knowlege about  Japanese GAAP and tax reglation in Japan.
Let have us as a best accounting partner for the compliance with law in Japan.


Accounting Advisory

*accouning outsourcing in Japanese GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS

*monthly closing


*budget planning

*annual reports

*framework for compliance

Business Advisory


*Branch Office


*reporting to parent company

*traning, seminar

 System Advisory

*introduce a system(ERP package)


We look forward to helping you with your  business in  accounting!


Tokyo Advisory Inc. 

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