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We provide a wide range of services, from building accounting systems to audit support, regulatory compliance, subsidiary management, and consolidated assistance.

 Additionally, we offer auditor audit support, internal audit support, governance enhancement, and various training programs, all with a global perspective and specialized analysis1.

Internal control is a means of risk management

Risk management is a means of governance

​For maximizing corporate value

Governance, Risk Management, Internal Control

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CPA (JA&US) Tax accountant

Corporate Governance  Accounting professional

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Information is composed of input and output. To ensure the reliability of accounting information as an output, audit activities are crucial. Additionally, maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information and leveraging intellectual property are necessary for disclosing appropriate non-financial information. It is essential to consider which information to incorporate as input, what information should be shared, what should not be leaked, and what information should be disclosed. As a professional who deals not only with financial but also non-financial information, I aspire to provide better services.

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Japan, Tokyo, Minato City, Minami-Azabu1 Chome−5−14 Azabu Higashimachi Mansion


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