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What You Need

Audit advisor

  1. External Audit Support

  2. Internal Audit Planning Assistance

  3. Internal Audit Outsourcing

  4. J-SOX Documentation and Evaluation Support

  5. System Training



  1. Monthly report

  2. Group Management Support

  3. Consulting for Overseas Subsidiary Management

  4. Compliance System Enhancement Support

  5. Training for Subsidiary Presidents



1. Consolidated Financial Statements Support: Assistance in creating consolidated financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

2. Accelerated Closing Support: Aid in expediting the financial closing process.

3. Accounting System Implementation Support: Guidance for implementing accounting systems.


Tax in Japan

  1. 法人税申告 (Corporate Tax Filing): This refers to the process of submitting tax returns for a corporation or business entity.

  2. 個人確定申告 (Individual Income Tax Return): This is the annual process where individuals declare their income and submit tax returns.

  3. 不動産譲渡所得申告 (Real Estate Transfer Income Declaration): This involves reporting income from the sale or transfer of real estate.

  4. 贈与税申告 (Gift Tax Filing): This pertains to declaring and paying taxes on gifts or inheritances received.

  5. 相続税申告 (Inheritance Tax Filing): This involves filing tax returns related to inherited assets or property.

Remember, accurate tax reporting is essential to comply with legal requirements and avoid penalties. 📝💼


Busineee in Japan

  1. Corporate Structure Consulting

  2. Company Registration

  3. Corporate Change Registration



  1. Conducts seminars or workshops.

  2. Writing articles or content.

  3. One-on-one or personalized lessons.

Feel free to ask if you have any other inquiries! 😊

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